Welcome to the Loveland Museum/Gallery blog

By Erika Lehman, Marketing Coordinator ~

We are excited to offer new, fresh perspectives on art, history, and life at the Loveland Museum/Gallery to our readers. Get ready for behind-the-scenes tours, sneak peeks at upcoming exhibits, glimpses into the jobs/duties of our staff members, fun facts about art and history, and much more!

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a museum advocate, a blog lover, or bored internet surfer, we hope that we can bring you useful, informative, and fun information about all things museum-related. Blog articles will be posted on a weekly basis by members of the Museum staff. While not all articles will relate directly to exhibits and activities at the Loveland Museum/Gallery, all posts will relate to art, history, or museums in some way, shape, or form (get ready for a glimpse at a staff member’s trip to museums in the Netherlands!).

If you have a suggestion for an article or would like to know more about a topic related to the Loveland Museum/Gallery, please contact Erika Lehman at Erika.lehman@cityofloveland.org, and your idea will be pitched to our blog authors.

Our blog authors include:

Maureen Corey, Curator of Art

Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History

Jenni Dobson, Curator of Education

Tegan Hollen, Office Support Specialist

Susan Ison, Director, Cultural Services

Kimber Kreutzer, Business Services Manager

Erika Lehman, Marketing Coordinator

Jim Prohaska, Exhibits Preparator

Alison Seeberger, Registrar

Michelle Standiford, Graphic Designer

Members of the Cultural Services Board

Thank you for visiting our blog. Check back soon for an article from Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History.