Volunteers Behind the Scenes

By Kris Ortmann, Cultural Services Board Member~

In doing my research to write this blog entry, I browsed copies of the Cultural Services’ Aha! newsletter for the last few years … what a lovely town we live in with so many opportunities for entertainment and enlightenment!

But, do you know how many of those opportunities wouldn’t happen without the many people who volunteer for the City’s Cultural Services Department?

1CherryPieHave you ever enjoyed a slice of pie or entered the pie baking contest at the Cherry Pie Celebration? Chances are you were served by volunteers, and volunteers have to make the difficult decision about which is best among all those wonderful pies.

You may also have noticed, our volunteers at Cherry Pie were all ages from high school students to retirees.

Volunteers serve on the Cultural Services Board (CSB) which advises the staffs of the Museum and Rialto.



Those banners you see along the street downtown? Sewn by volunteers! 2Halloween_banner






Volunteers perform administrative duties at the Museum’s front desk, as well as in the box office at the Rialto. If you’ve ever been to a performance at the Rialto, you see volunteers everywhere in their white and black ‘uniforms’ … they sell you your ticket, collect your ticket as you enter, usher you to your seat, and (best of all!) make the popcorn.

Something you may not know is that the volunteers are also seated throughout the theater during performances for your safety … to guide you to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency.



At the Museum, volunteers care for the collection and assist in its preservation5Susan_collection






6LindaOgalleryAll those wonderful art and history exhibits? Some of them come with ‘strings’ attached. For the protection of the exhibit, the Museum is often required to have someone in the exhibit gallery at all times the Museum is open. Volunteer gallery attendants make that possible.

The gallery attendants are primarily there to assist YOU in getting the most out of a particular exhibit. They spend additional time learning about the exhibit so they are able to answer your questions.




7DebHistoryTourOur History volunteers are happy to lead you and your group on a tour of the Museum’s wonderful exhibits that show off Loveland’s past … please call first to make sure one of our volunteers is available at a time that works for you.





8StampCampIn addition to an extensive schedule of art classes for all ages, there are many special events: Thoroughly Historic Thursdays, poetry evenings, Stamp Camp at Valentines Day, PechaKucha, and Night on the Town the second Friday evening of every month. Volunteers assist staff and instructors at all of these.





9HalloweenDid I mention Halloween Fun Festival? Couldn’t happen without volunteers.






And volunteers at the Rialto just never know who they might be working with!













So, please take the time to thank volunteers, no matter where they spend their volunteer time … they make Loveland a nicer place for all of us!


Are you interested in volunteering at the Museum or RialtoSign up/fill out an application with the City of Loveland. We’d love to have you!