The Inside Scoop on The Art Advocacy Project (TAAP) 2015

By Kimber Kreutzer, Business Services Coordinator ~

If you’ve recently taken a stroll along 4th Street in Downtown Loveland, you might have noticed that several new sculptures adorn the sidewalks between Jefferson Ave. and Garfield Ave. Facilitated through the Visual Arts Commission, the sculptures are part of this year’s The Art Advocacy Project, or TAAP for short. Each year five to six artists are selected from a pool of applicants to showcase their work on 4th Street for period of 12 months. The project is in its 7th year of operation and continues to amuse community members and visitors alike.

How did TAAP get started?

The Art Advocacy Project was created in 2009 to “provide an additional sculpture showcase for Colorado artist in Downtown Loveland.” All the artwork featured in TAAP is for sale and may be purchased by calling me, Kimber Kreutzer, at 970-962-2490. The Visual Arts Commission occasionally purchases sculptures from the TAAP program; these pieces then become part of the Art in Public Places permanent collection.

How can an artist participate in the TAAP program?

Each year in March a request for proposal is placed on the call for entry website Café ( Artists are invited to submit up to 2 sculptures for consideration, and all artworks must be suitable for an outdoor environment in order to withstand the elements. Selected artists are awarded a $1,000 honorarium.

Who gets to choose the sculptures that are placed on 4th Street each year?

Artwork is selected by a sub-committee consisting of both Visual Arts Commissioners and citizen volunteers. After reviewing images of proposed sculptures, committee members choose their top 5 or 6 preferred pieces. It sometimes takes several rounds of voting before the top 5 artists emerge. The pool of work is typically outstanding, which oftentimes makes choosing very difficult!

How are the locations selected?

Once the sculptures are selected, the subcommittee considers factors such as size, scale, color, and surrounding environment when choosing which piece is placed in its particular location.

This year’s selected artists are:

Burley GirlBurley Girl by artists Jade Windell and Jack Kreutzer










WacekiyaWacekiya by artist Gary Monaco










Perforated BasinPerforated Basin 5 by artist Joe Norman










ManMan by artist Shoshini Gosh










CosairF4U Chrome Corsair by artist Robert Henderson










Question_mark_(black_on_white)Iscariot by artist Trace O’Connor










Why the question mark? Iscariot, the last of the six sculptures to be installed, is scheduled to be placed in Lincoln Plaza (on 3rd Street behind Henry’s Pub) in late June. Stay tuned, this installation is going to be BIG!!