1. Perspectives

    Perspectives By Maureen Corey, Curator of Art~ Well, the new aha! brochure for the Museum, Rialto, and Art in Public Places has hit your mailbox, and you’ll notice a season of fun, enlightening programming lies ahead. As usual, the cover contains two images, each of them a highlight from the progr…Read More

  2. The Museum Preparator

    The Museum Preparator By Jim Prohaska, Exhibits Preparator~   Preparator – a word made up by museum professionals many years ago, that is widely accepted as a job title by most institutions world-wide. The word Preparator was not defined in most dictionaries until just recently. If you type i…Read More

  3. My Office

    My Office By Susan Ison, Cultural Services Director~ I fear some people may experience sensory overload when they visit my office, especially for the first time. I’ve been in this space since the Museum expansion in 1992. In the ensuing years, I’ve done here what I do at home—filled the walls …Read More

  4. Art All Around Us

    Art All Around Us By Maureen Corey, Curator of Art ~ Four of five times a year, the Main Gallery, where we display larger art exhibits, is closed for two weeks while a new exhibit is installed. Although there are often other art exhibits on view in our two smaller galleries, visitors who arrive du…Read More