The Ear NIbbler by Leslie Sinclair


Rise of the Backbone: Vertebrate Evolution
Thursday, June 16, 5:30 pm
FREE lecture, presented by Arlo Pelegrin
From the origin of the spinal cord to the big wrinkly brains of today, chordates and vertebrates have carved a place for themselves in the animal kingdom. How did it start? What makes them special? Join us for an exploration of anatomy, phylogeny, physiology, and ecology.

Shells and Feet: Natural History of Mollusks
Thursday, August 4, 5:30 pm
FREE lecture, presented by Arlo Pelegrin
When we think of clams, snails, and squid, it’s usually in terms of garden pests or food items. In fact they are members of an incredibly successful animal lineage based on the simple design of a hard shell and a powerful foot. Pelegrin’s lecture will cover the evolution and diversity of mollusks, from their early genesis in the sea to their conquest of land, and their place at the top of the food chain as the most intelligent invertebrates on Earth.


Enjoy your lunchtime outdoors at the Museum while learning more about the animal world. From domestic to wild and from farm to aviary, join us for this exciting lecture series. CSU Extension Larimer County 4-H students will share their stories of raising, training, and showing their animals. Each 4-H presentation will feature select live animals. Larimer County Natural Resources lectures will share wildlife viewing stories of our unique natural region.

FREE lectures in Peters Park (next to the Museum)
12 – 1 pm

June 21 ~ 4-H program
June 28 ~ 4-H program
July 12 ~ 4-H program
July 19 ~ 4-H program
July 26 ~ Mule Deer (LCNR)
August 2 ~ Osprey (LCNR)



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