Companions by Rita Thornton

A War Against Nature: Poaching and the Ivory Trade
Friday, June 10, 5 – 6 pm
FREE lecture with artist Jan Martin McGuire
Poaching is at an all-time high with rhino horn and elephant tusks more valuable than gold. In 2014 alone, 1300 Rhinos were poached in South Africa while 30-60 elephants are poached per day in Tanzania. Jan Martin McGuire is an internationally collected wildlife artist, naturalist, and conservationist and is featured in Animalia.

Strings in the Gallery
Friday, June 10, 6 – 8 pm
Enjoy the music of the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra.
Sponsored by the Erion Foundation.

Animal Inspiration
Thursday June 23, 5 – 7 pm
Join us for a lively panel discussion with 5 artists from the Animalia exhibition. Learn about artistic backgrounds and training, hear fascinating anecdotes about observing animals, and discover the joys and challenges of working in the field of animal art.

Thought to Finish: Natural Artist in Action
Friday, July 8, 5:30 pm
FREE lecture, presented by Laney
An artist presentation of the creative process of producing a wildlife painting.  From the original idea and photographic research, you will follow the artist through the basics steps of visualizing, making test sketches, to value sketch, and then follow the painting as it is roughed in and then the final rendering of the painting.  The presentation will have the original sketches, photos and final art on display.  The slide show will consist of approximately forty slides and the artist will talk about each step and what her think was during the production of a wildlife painting.

Excellence in Animal Art
Thursday August 18, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Free Lecture with artist Diane Mason
Diane Mason is a former President and current Treasurer of the Society of Animal Artists, an organization that supports, advocates for, and sets the standard for excellence in animal art. The field of animal art is a unique synthesis of scientific representation and artistic expression. Mason will discuss how an exhibition jury is conducted and the specific parameters artists should reach for to meet the requirements for SAA juried exhibitions. As an accomplished artist herself, Mason will skillfully address concerns for up and coming artists and educate the admirers of animal art about this interesting process.

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