Margaret and William Osborn, early Loveland settlersSecond Mondays | 7 pm

Every month, the Loveland Historical Society hosts a historical program speaker or re-enactor at the Loveland Museum. Topics are listed below but are subject to change. You can also find more information on their website at

October 14 – Doc Susie, First Woman Doctor to the Miners in Fraser, CO

November 11 – The American Legion: 100 Years in Loveland

December 9 – Kaplan-Hoover Bison Bone Bed

January 13 – Captain Jeppessen and the Little Black Book

February 10 – Shootout at the Superior Depot: An Episode in the Colorado Labor Wars

March 9 – Fort C. F. Smith: In the Middle of Red Cloud’s War

April 13 – Margaret Osborn: Early Loveland Pioneer Wife