ArtSteps is a collaborative program of the Thompson School District and Loveland Museum/Gallery and began in 2001. The mission of the ArtSteps program is to develop creativity in children, youth and young adults, as well as affirm community appreciation for young artists by displaying their artwork in a professional setting. ArtSteps fosters relationships between local artists, teachers and students, and provides a lasting web of creative impetus that will support students from 1st grade through 12th grade.

ArtSteps Program History

Each March, ArtSteps hosts a student art show that is held in celebration of National Youth Art Month and exhibits the artwork of students in a community-wide event. The annual show features two and three-dimensional works of art from all mediums. Past ArtSteps art shows have featured original art work from an average of 130 students per year in grades K through 12, displayed professionally at the Museum and other locations. An opening reception for the exhibition entertains over 500 community members, teachers, friends and family members of the student artists.

Community Art Project Addition

In 2003, ArtSteps decided to expand its program to include a “community art project” or student-community art project to go along with the art show to involve more students, artists, art teachers and community members. Projects are designed to network youth with the community and professional artists as they work together to create artwork that falls within a certain theme. The original projects were done in teams. One or two adults worked with a team of 5-10 kids to create the art piece. The art pieces were auctioned away or photographs were taken of them. The artwork was not taken home by one member of the team (unless it was won in auction). In 2010, the students were given the opportunity to create artwork individually, instead of in a team so that they could take the piece home. There is always a lesson incorporated into the project. For example- local history, working with a certain artist or type of medium, how to design a show or label, how to incorporate the elements of art, how to create an artists statement. Many times, several lessons are incorporated into the project.

ArtSteps Student-Community Projects