THE BEET Education Center at the Loveland Museum has been a 13-year plan that finally came to fruition in early 2020. While the name of the annex evolved with time, the idea for the expansion has always included an educational focus. In April of 2019, the city purchased the old newspaper building as an annex education center, and potential expansion site. Museum staff lovingly dubbed it “THE BEET”- a play on words, that combined a newspaper reporter’s beat, and northern Colorado’s primary cash crop for decades- the sugar beet.


THE BEET Education Center includes:


The BEET has already become home to several classroom and spaces. In time of COVID, this means more room to spread out. As regulations ease, the space will evolve to allow for more classes and programs to take place concurrently.


The Museum’s educational collection contains over 700 books intended for public research and education. This collection is a specialized resource for the museum’s curatorial staff. It has been used to supplement educational materials in art and history exhibits. A majority of the collection has been in storage for lack of display space. The space at the BEET Education Center will provide the Museum with the needed space to create a non-circulating research library available for community use, hopefully in the near future.


The cornerstone of the BEET is a print shop with a professional, high quality printing press.

This has been a goal of the Museum since 2004, but it became more pressing in 2010 after a truck driver entered the Museum with a crowbar and destroyed a controversial print in an exhibit of 10 printmakers. Increased donation to the Museum provided funds to purchase a Takach printing press. Due to lack of space, the press has been in storage since 2011 but that is soon change, as the BEET includes space to create a permanent home for the printing press. The intent is to create a printmaking shop that will be open for local artists to use for a small fee.