Loveland Museum Gallery

History of the Loveland Museum/Gallery

Situated in the heart of downtown Loveland, Colorado, the Loveland Museum/Gallery is a center for cultural events in a community which refers to itself as “A Work of Art.”


The Museum was started by author, collector, curator and mountain guide Harold Marion Dunning, who began collecting pioneer artifacts and stories as early as 1919.


Beginning in 1938, the first Loveland Museum was located just west of the current building in a converted garage owned by Otto and Cora (Osborn) Timpke.


The City of Loveland took over operations of the Museum in 1946. In 1953, the Timpkes both passed away, leaving their money and the inherited Osborn estate and property to the City of Loveland for the the establishment of a museum. The Timpkes' brick home, built by pioneer settler William B. Osborn in 1878 - 1879, was torn down in 1954.


The Loveland Museum was erected in its place on the corner of Fifth and Lincoln and dedicated on November 24, 1956. An art gallery was added to the Museum in 1970.


A major expansion project, doubling the size of the Museum building, was completed in 1992, providing increased areas for programs, art and history exhibits and collections.


Our current building!


Celebrating 75 years of collecting and preserving Loveland's history! Kicking off a year-long celebration with a "Cupcakes and Candles" event in Peters Park.