While visiting the Loveland Museum/Gallery, you might notice your favorite object has been removed from exhibit. This may have happened because the object has become too fragile to remain on exhibit and is in danger of falling apart. Oftentimes, the damage can be repaired by a conservator. There is never a lack of historic materials needing a conservator’s attention. Many conditions, both natural and man-made, cause things to age and deteriorate. Light, extremes of humidity and temperature, insects, pollutants and neglect can quicken the breakdown of materials which make up historic and artistic objects. Saving Objects Saving History is an opportunity for you to help preserve some of these valuable objects for future generations. Each adopter will receive an adoption packet, which contains a photo of the chosen object, a complete description of the object and its needed repairs, and an adoption certificate. Your generous, tax-deductable donation will allow the continued conservation of important historical objects. Object adoptions also make great holiday gifts! If you would like to adopt an object, please contact Jennifer Cousino at (970) 962-2413 or pick up an adoption form at the Loveland Museum/Gallery.

Objects Currently Available for Adoption:

  • 1900s Bicycle
  • Pottery
  • Quillwork Arm Bands

Saving Objects/ Saving History Adoption Application