The Loveland Museum/Gallery accepts donations of items to be used in our history exhibits. If you have an item that you would like to donate, please contact our Curator of History, Jennifer Cousino (970) 962-2413, for more information.



2017 was filled with exciting changes in collections management. The new 16,000 square-foot off-site storage facility, purchased by the City in January 2016, houses two-thirds of the Museum’s collection and a majority of the storage furniture. The archival material will stay on-site at the Museum to ensure easy access for research.

In 2016, a new procedure for collecting the history of Loveland was established, and a newly formed Collections Accession Committee became responsible for reviewing all donations offered to the Museum. Members of the committee include the Cultural Services Director, the Curator of History, the Museum Registrar, a member of the Cultural Services Board, a local artist, and a local historian. The review of each potential donation always sparks conversations regarding the appropriateness of the object to the scope of our collection, any possible duplicates already held by the Museum, and potential for future collections. The committee has done an excellent job streamlining our collecting process and shows great promise for the growth of our relevant collection.



Items donated in 2017 and approved for accession into the collection include:

  • Great Western Sugar Factory items donated by Jay and Jolene Pomranka
  • WWII magazines and newspapers donated by Kenneth L. Abromski
  • Sheet music – “My Rose of Loveland” donated by Dale McDonald
  • Great Western Sugar Factory items donated by Gary D. Krogmeier
  • Framed Love stamps and envelope -City transfer
  • Seats from the Pulliam Building – City transfer
  • Valentine donated by Carol Sarchet
  • Outdoor sign from Reporter Herald donated by Prairie Mountain Publishing
  • Hair wreath donated by Cora Etta Jackson c/o Duane and Joetta Trimble
  • Westermann’s receipt donated by Susan Ison
  • 1933 postcard donated by Johnathan Sweeney
  • Loveland business receipts donated by Susan Ison
  • Post Office uniform donated by Christina Ball
  • Indian Village sign donated by CDOT
  • Mary Shivers painting “Eve and Adam” donated by John Cain
  • Loveland High School table donated by David Hartley c/o Marilyn Hartley
  • Aerial photographs donated by Sharon Danhauer
  • Native American ladels donated by anonymous
  • Stoddad Finley family collection donated by Susan Finley Perkins
  • Sugar Beet books donated by Bertha Holzworth
  • Reporter Herald newspaper archives
  • Reporter Herald Archive objects donated by Prairie Mountain Publishing