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All classes are from 10 am – 1:30 pm and are for children age 6 – 11.

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    We will sculpt creepy, crawly, colorful little creatures who can live in your indoor or summer garden. Before we make our magical creatures, we will explore the history of the Garden Gnome and find some sneaky gnomes hiding in the Museum. Instructor: Diane Ramsey
    Let’s take a quick trip around the world with a variety of art projects inspired by far-off countries! Take a world tour that will be a magical summer vacation without leaving the classroom! Instructor: Katie Fowers
    Make your own self-inspired flags that will enhance any type of summer garden. Instructor: Elizabeth Morisette
    We will walk to a local flower garden to create colorful and bold sketches of summer flowers in bloom. Bring a water bottle to quench your thirst! Instructor: Diane Ramsey
    We will look at the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and other famous artists around the world. Then, we will be inspired to create our own masterful artwork. Instructor: Katie Fowers
    By rolling paper, we can make unique and colorful handmade beads. Learn this fun technique, and make your own fabulous jewelry with your finished beads. Instructor: Elizabeth Morisette
    With paper, we will assemble bold and beautiful bouquets of poppies. If time allows, we will turn our flowers into beautiful watercolor art. Instructor: Diane Ramsey
    By using wool roving, hot water, soap, needles, and wool thread, we will make unique and beautiful portraits. Instructor: Elizabeth Morisette
    After exploring the use of color in the Museum’s art exhibits, we will consider how colors can make us feel a certain way, represent things in the world, and have significance in different cultures. A variety of projects will inspire us to think about color in many ways. Instructor: Katie Fowers
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