Loveland Museum Gallery

Please contact the front desk at the Loveland Museum/Gallery with questions related to admission, exhibits, events, programs, and membership.

Loveland Museum/Gallery

(970) 962-2410

Please contact Kimber Kreutzer if you are interested in renting the Foote Gallery/Auditorium for an event.

Loveland Museum/Gallery Staff

Maureen Corey,
Curator of Art

(970) 962-2483

Jennifer Cousino,
Curator of History

(970) 962-2413

Jenni Dobson,
Curator of Education

(970) 962-2562

Eric Franklin,
Exhibits Preparator

(970) 962-2414

Tegan Hollen,
Office Support Specialist

(970) 962-2412

Susan Ison,
Director, Cultural Services

(970) 962-2411

Suzanne Janssen,
Public Art Manager

(970) 962-2495

Kimber Kreutzer,
Business Services Coordinator

(970) 962-2490

Erika Lehman,
Marketing Coordinator

(970) 962-2563

Michelle Standiford,
Graphic Designer

(970) 962-2660


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