Registration begins for the following classes on Thursday, April 26 at 10 am.

Special Class!

Photo Mosaic Workshop with Artist Mark Guglielmo
Tuesday, May 29
4:30 – 6 pm
FEE: $10

Ages 12+

Learn photo mosaic technique from self-taught artist, Mark Guglielmo. Participants will create a collaborative piece of artwork with the entire class with each student working on their own section. When finished, all of the pieces will fit together like a puzzle. You will be free to choose your media as well. Instructor: Mark Guglielmo


New this Summer!

We don’t want to leave teens out of having some creative summer fun out of the heat. Join us at the Museum for a couple of hours each week to improve your artistic skills or practice a new media.

Ages 12 – 16
2 – 4 pm
($16 Museum members)
per class
**Limited to 6 Students


Black and White Still Life
Wednesday, June 20
By painting in only black and white (gray-scale) you will learn about light source, shape, values and composition without the distraction of color and color mixing. This monochromatic painting will teach you fundamentals and will act as a springboard to furthering your painting skills.
Instructor: Jennifer Azadmane


Paper Baskets
Wednesday, June 27
Learn how to recycle brown paper bags into incredible paper bowls. Once done, you can take them home with some tips on how to decorate them after they are dry. Instructor: Pat Saunders-White


Paper Poppy Painting
Wednesday, July 11
Colored tissue paper will serve as our main medium for these poppies. Watch the colors get stronger as you build up layers. Details and forms will be created after the glue is dry. Instructor: Pat Saunders-White


Finish Your Portrait
Wednesday, July 18
Bring an 8×10 color picture of your face. We will cut off half of the picture, mount it to paper and then paint the other half, matching the colors. You’ll learn to mix skin colors with acrylic paint. Instructor: Pat Saunders-White


Design Basics: An Introduction to the Formal Design Process
Wednesday, July 25
Learn how to plan your design project so you save time. Hands-on activities will illustrate concepts and provide an opportunity to explore using iPads and Adobe Apps. We will cover design elements of shape, color, size, and also talk about saving, copyright, and Adobe Sketch. Instructor: Christina Kennedy


Exploring Pointillism
Tuesday, July 31
Pointillism is an artistic way of using tiny dots of color that blend together in the viewer’s eye. You will learn about this technique and its developer, Georges Seurat, as you paint with acrylic. Instructor: Mary Giacomini