1. Terrifying Objects in the Collection

    Terrifying Objects in the Collection By Alison Seeberger, Museum Registrar ~ Hello again! Last time I dazzled you with Mysteries of the Collection; today it’s time for Terrifying Objects that We Own, or: the Challenges Inherent in Being a History Museum. Many parts of history are dangerous. That…Read More

  2. What We Collect Personally

    What We Collect Personally By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History~   The Loveland Museum’s collection started as the personal collection of Harold Dunning. Not only did he collect items from Loveland’s pioneers, he also collected a variety of interesting objects from all over the world suc…Read More

  3. Art All Around Us

    Art All Around Us By Maureen Corey, Curator of Art ~ Four of five times a year, the Main Gallery, where we display larger art exhibits, is closed for two weeks while a new exhibit is installed. Although there are often other art exhibits on view in our two smaller galleries, visitors who arrive du…Read More

  4. My Favorite Collection Object

    My Favorite Collection Object By Susan Ison, Cultural Services Director ~ Ali’s blog article last week is a good segue into what I would like to feature this week—my favorite object. I have been Cultural Services Director for many years, but when I first started at the Museum I was Collections …Read More

  5. Meet the Collection

    Meet the Collection By Alison Seeberger, Museum Registrar ~ The job of a registrar is weird, and often confusing. What is this? Where did it come from? Essentially, my job is to make sure we know what is in the collection – what it’s made of, where it is, and whether or not it’s being stored…Read More