1. Colorado By Book

    Colorado By Book By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History~ There are so many books about Colorado that sometimes we like to showcase a few by inviting authors to come to the Museum. This gives visitors the opportunity to talk with the authors about their books. Brad Hoopes brought his new publication…Read More

  2. The Museum Preparator

    The Museum Preparator By Jim Prohaska, Exhibits Preparator~   Preparator – a word made up by museum professionals many years ago, that is widely accepted as a job title by most institutions world-wide. The word Preparator was not defined in most dictionaries until just recently. If you type i…Read More

  3. History through the Eyes of a Second Grader

    History through the Eyes of a Second Grader By Jenni Dobson, Curator of Education ~ “Grandma, did you go to a school like that in 1800?” “Honey, I wasn’t alive yet in the year 1800.” “You weren’t?”  The conversation above was similar to one overheard by a volunteer. It was between …Read More

  4. Mike's Texaco sign

    Crazy for Signs

    Crazy for Signs By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History at the Loveland Museum/Gallery ~ I’m crazy for signs!  One of the very first things I worked on when I started at the Museum 19 years ago was to help redo the Great Western Sugar Company exhibit. It was our goal to make the exhibit have the …Read More