1. kids at halloween

    Loveland Loves Community Events

    Loveland Loves Community Events By Jenni Dobson, Curator of Education ~ One thing I have learned about Loveland in the past 15 years, is that Loveland LOVES its community events, festivals and gatherings. Many of the annual events and festivals in Loveland have been around for long periods of time.…Read More

  2. Alabaster Gifts for Real!

    Alabaster Gifts for Real! By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History ~ Visitors regularly ask if they can purchase the hand-carved pieces out of the Proctor Alabaster Shop exhibit in the History Gallery. Unfortunately, we have to say no! All of that alabaster is part of the Museum’s permanent histo…Read More

  3. Let’s Play Museum Bingo!

    Let's Play Museum Bingo! By Tegan Hollen, Office Support Specialist~ Museum Minute is a blog I came across earlier this year that shares a lot of helpful and fun resources for museum enthusiasts – professional or otherwise. One of their posts introduced this Museum Bingo Scorecard, and I thought i…Read More