1. The Photoshop Journey

    The Photoshop Journey By Michelle Standiford, Graphic Designer ~ As part of my job as the graphic designer here at the Loveland Museum, I get to work on many projects. Every day brings the challenges and fun of designing and creating posters, the aha! publications,  banners, exhibit signage, broc…Read More

  2. Alabaster Gifts for Real!

    Alabaster Gifts for Real! By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History ~ Visitors regularly ask if they can purchase the hand-carved pieces out of the Proctor Alabaster Shop exhibit in the History Gallery. Unfortunately, we have to say no! All of that alabaster is part of the Museum’s permanent histo…Read More

  3. The Museum Preparator

    The Museum Preparator By Jim Prohaska, Exhibits Preparator~   Preparator – a word made up by museum professionals many years ago, that is widely accepted as a job title by most institutions world-wide. The word Preparator was not defined in most dictionaries until just recently. If you type i…Read More