1. Alabaster Gifts for Real!

    Alabaster Gifts for Real! By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History ~ Visitors regularly ask if they can purchase the hand-carved pieces out of the Proctor Alabaster Shop exhibit in the History Gallery. Unfortunately, we have to say no! All of that alabaster is part of the Museum’s permanent histo…Read More

  2. 5 High-Profile Art Heists Revisited

    5 High-Profile Art Heists Revisited By Erika Lehman, Marketing Coordinator ~ This blog article goes hand-in-hand with the PechaKucha Night presentation I am set to deliver on Thursday, September 24. A few speakers were forced to withdraw last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, so I decided to…Read More

  3. Terrifying Objects in the Collection

    Terrifying Objects in the Collection By Alison Seeberger, Museum Registrar ~ Hello again! Last time I dazzled you with Mysteries of the Collection; today it’s time for Terrifying Objects that We Own, or: the Challenges Inherent in Being a History Museum. Many parts of history are dangerous. That…Read More

  4. The Bike Band

    The Bike Band By Joe Norman, Guest Blogger and Loveland Artist~ I’ve spent a good part of my sculptural career addressing social justice, heritage, political corruption, and our land ethic in the American West.  All worthwhile topics, but not often joyous. A year or so ago, after moving to Lovela…Read More

  5. Perspectives

    Perspectives By Maureen Corey, Curator of Art~ Well, the new aha! brochure for the Museum, Rialto, and Art in Public Places has hit your mailbox, and you’ll notice a season of fun, enlightening programming lies ahead. As usual, the cover contains two images, each of them a highlight from the progr…Read More

  6. Let’s Play Museum Bingo!

    Let's Play Museum Bingo! By Tegan Hollen, Office Support Specialist~ Museum Minute is a blog I came across earlier this year that shares a lot of helpful and fun resources for museum enthusiasts – professional or otherwise. One of their posts introduced this Museum Bingo Scorecard, and I thought i…Read More

  7. The Museum Preparator

    The Museum Preparator By Jim Prohaska, Exhibits Preparator~   Preparator – a word made up by museum professionals many years ago, that is widely accepted as a job title by most institutions world-wide. The word Preparator was not defined in most dictionaries until just recently. If you type i…Read More

  8. My Office

    My Office By Susan Ison, Cultural Services Director~ I fear some people may experience sensory overload when they visit my office, especially for the first time. I’ve been in this space since the Museum expansion in 1992. In the ensuing years, I’ve done here what I do at home—filled the walls …Read More

  9. What We Collect Personally

    What We Collect Personally By Jennifer Cousino, Curator of History~   The Loveland Museum’s collection started as the personal collection of Harold Dunning. Not only did he collect items from Loveland’s pioneers, he also collected a variety of interesting objects from all over the world suc…Read More

  10. Volunteers Behind the Scenes

    Volunteers Behind the Scenes By Kris Ortmann, Cultural Services Board Member~ In doing my research to write this blog entry, I browsed copies of the Cultural Services’ Aha! newsletter for the last few years ... what a lovely town we live in with so many opportunities for entertainment and enlighte…Read More