January 10 through March 15, 2015

Paoaver somniferum (detail) by Katherine Warren

Members Only Exhibit Celebration: Thursday, January 29, 7 – 9 pm

EXHIBIT FREE DAYS: Thursday, February 5; Friday, February 20; and Wednesday, March 11

Main Gallery

Barbara Baer • Carol Till • Constance Sayas • Heather Myers • Janice McDonald • Katherine Warren • Lydia Brokaw • Rob Watt • Sandra Kaplan • Scott Dressel Martin II • Sue Simon • Susan Rubin • Tom Mazzullo • Tony Hochstetler

Botanical art inhabits the space between scientific observation and inspired creativity. It is an art form whose practitioners follow a long and honored tradition.

This group exhibit of 14 artists shows a wide range of botanicals as a subject of art, from the classic to the conceptual. This exhibition links the tenets of botanical art with artists who work in a method outside the structure of classical botanical illustration. Seen together, these two approaches represent disorder within a highly ordered framework, and mirror the beauty of stability and chaos in the natural world.

This exhibition will show the range of possibilities within the world of botanical art: from an empathetic and scientific understanding of the world of plants, to an avant-garde approach with an implied, integral, and conceptual relationship between humans and plant life. Through their art, these artists convey the mutuality of need between the human and botanical realm. The healthy functioning of the natural world is a vital part of the environment in which we all live. This link can be shown by the way artists react to and interpret the power of the botanical domain. Botanicals as a creative subject have a metaphoric power that speaks to creation, both of life and the interrelationship of all that exists within the natural world.


Exhibit Programming

Celebrating Plants
Thursday, January 22, 6 pm
Plants are rightfully celebrated in art. This talk takes you beyond that: to consider some of the odder plants on our planet; to highlight all the diverse plants we eat; to appreciate the importance plants have in our daily lives as medicine, building materials, etc.; and finally, to enjoy some of the more bizarre impacts of plants on human life and history. Whether painting them, wearing them, or studying them, plants are fun. Join botanist Kathy Keeler for a talk celebrating plants!

An Introduction to Plants in Chinese Art
Thursday, February 19, 6 pm
In traditional Chinese art, plants are accurately depicted, but only a few species of plants are included. The same plants appear over and over for their symbolism or meaning. In this amusing and enlightening talk, you’ll learn to read the season from the plants in the art; ideas associated with plants and colors in Chinese art; and changes in plants in Chinese art during the last dynasty and since. Enrich your understanding of the images in Chinese painting and pottery; enjoy a few of the puns of Chinese art; and engage your senses with this rich visual tradition. A talk by Kathy Keeler.

Techniques Showcase
Saturday, March 7, 12 – 3 pm
Join the four members of the Studio Botanica artist group (Heather Myers, Susan Rubin, Constance Sayas, and Carol Till) for a dynamic and interactive experience.Observe the artists at work, learn about the materials used in their art, and receive mini-lessons about each artist’s different media and styles. Basic art supplies will be available for use at this time.

Full-color exhibition catalogue available for purchase.