She Bends exhibit gallery shot of neon artSHE BENDS: WOMEN IN NEON VIRTUAL EXHIBIT


She Bends is a network of female identifying artists who design and bend their own neon from start to finish. The project is a platform that connects and supports women benders around the world and provides public educational activations around topics related to neon creation, consumption, and history. She Bends is building an international community for women benders pushing the craft beyond the confines of commercial signage. They foster an ethos of collaboration and support rather than competition, and provide a platform for women benders to share their work, best practices in the industry, and to connect benders with unique restoration and public art projects.

She Bends also offers women benders the opportunity to build professional exhibition experience by showcasing their work in the traveling art exhibition, She Bends: Women in Neon, which has traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Milwaukee.

She Bends is guest curated at the Loveland Museum by artist and bender Meryl Pataky. She Bends Programming Director is Kelsey Issel.


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