Crazy Quilt By Sara Pearce
Crazy Quilt Square 9 by Sara Pearce

A History as Art Exhibition

June 18 – August 14, 2016

Public Artist Reception: Friday, July 8, 6 – 8 pm

Green Room

Interpreting historical objects through the use of art can promote engagement with creative and critical thinking. Art is, at its most basic, a subjective statement in which the artist produces a powerful experience that is then shared between themselves and the viewer. Through artistic interpretation, unique facets of a historical object are unveiled, adding meaning, both on an individual level and within a cultural context.

Sara Pearce juxtaposes images of vintage illustrations with various found collage materials, creating beautiful and surreal images. In this exhibit, Sara pays tribute to the tenacity and resourcefulness of the women of the West via the seemingly mundane. From a Victorian crazy quilt crafted of the often overlooked endpapers in antique books to a day dress sewn from “fabric” made from complex 19th century patterns found among a library’s discards, much of the exhibit is about about making do with what you have, rethinking it, and squeezing every last use out of it. Something that women have excelled at throughout history.

We are known as a throw-away society. Jettisoning the material possessions of everyday life from books and photographs to clothing and furniture. But in truth, many of us are hoarders. Saving bits of the past as though we could transport ourselves there by touching a quilt, reading a letter or trying on a dress.
–Sara Pearce

Exhibit Programming

Artist Workshop: Trash to Treasure
Thursday, August 11, 5 – 6 pm
Free Event
Learn about turning family heirlooms into artful collages. Discover tips and tricks for collecting, preserving, and creating with materials from the past.