St John Baptizing Jesus by Lydia Garcia (Courtesy of Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, New Mexico)
Catherine Robles-Shaw and Lydia Garcia

December 17, 2016 – February 5, 2017

Green Room
Meet the Artist Reception: Saturday, December 17, 11 am – 1 pm (additional artwork will be available for purchase at this event)

The art of Santos (painted and carved images of saints) is rooted in a four-hundred year old artistic tradition, originally intended to be used as a teaching tool by Catholic missionaries. As with any tradition, it is an ever-emerging art form, influenced by the movement of people, the growth of communities, and artistic explorations. Experience this colorful and spiritually engaging traditional art through the work of two important santeras (craftspeople of holy images), Colorado artist Catherine Robles-Shaw and Lydia Garcia.







Retablo Carving Demonstration
Catherine Robles Shaw
Saturday, January 14, 10 am – 4 pm

As a Santera (Saint Maker), Catherine Robles Shaw hopes to preserve some of the unique traditions of her Hispanic culture. Retablos are the story tellers of her ancestors and a natural extension of the beauty and simplicity of the Spanish culture. From 10 am –12:30 pm, Catherine will spend some time talking about how she got started making Retablos, the tools she uses, and how to make them. Then, from 12:30 – 4 pm, she will demonstrate carving, making homemade gesso and applying to the board surface, as well as painting, pinion varnish and the final details.