Circling by Margaret K. Haydon

A History as Art Exhibit

December 27 –  April 23, 2017

Mezzanine Gallery

This exhibit explores the history of water use and conservation issues as seen through artworks by Margaret K. Haydon. Through scientific-based inquiry and research, Haydon employs various display motifs, combining classical sculptural forms with the organic shapes of the natural world, that highlight the impact of the developed world’s perspective and use of water upon the environment, specifically that of the sturgeon and its habitat.

With this exhibit, visitors can explore a variety of conceptual subthemes ranging from the aesthetic aspects of water to those focusing on global warming, water politics, environmental justice, sustainability, and ecological water conservation efforts. Haydon’s porcelain sculptures create a direct link to the historic nature of water usage along the Front Range, and in highlighting our long history of use and misuse, direct attention to a pattern of potentially damaging perspectives that affect our natural resources.



(and closing reception) With Margaret K. Haydon
Friday, April 14, 5:30 pm

Margaret Haydon has been addressing environmental ideas through her visual art since 2005 when she was invited to install a solo exhibition at the White Sturgeon Art Gallery in Vancouver, Washington. Since that time, the sturgeon, an endangered northern hemisphere species, has been a central image in her work. As an indicator species, the health of sturgeon tells us a lot about the general health of a given riparian and marine system and the impact that changes such as damming, recreational use, over fishing, bank enhancement, and pollution can have.