JOEL S. ALLEN: work.

Jun 6 – September 13, 2020


Exhibit Admission: $7 

Members-only Reception: TBD (August or September)

Exhibit Free Days
Tuesday, August 11; and Thursday, September 10.
The exhibit will also be free during Night on the Town: Fridays, August 14, and September 11, 5 – 8 pm.


Colorado artist Joel S. Allen transforms everyday objects through an exercise in methodical repetition. The beauty lies in the object, but the tenet of labor—the work—that each artwork implies brings to life the universal struggle with time and the elemental nature of creation.

This site-specific sculptural installation includes over 1200 hand wrapped fiber sculptures with mixed media, including yarn, twine, wine corks, pill bottles, copper, wood, rubber, and paper. All the hand wrapping is solid-wrapped, without the use of underlying forms. Additionally, the artist premieres a room-sized slot construction cardboard sculpture, using repurposed fortune cookie boxes from Loveland Museum’s 2017 installation of Jiu Jin Shan by the artist Hung Liu.

With impassioned patience I search for that intimate space between time and material where the rhythm of thought and dexterity intertwine in a lyrical dance. I relish the unending search for perfection – always reaching for the elusive harmonic concert of form, subject matter and content that binds the senses with the mind and heart. It is, for me, a most splendid romance between thinking and making. -Joel S. Allen


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Videos by:
Karen Fournier, Starstream Productions, LLC