The Synergy of Art and Science
Gary Raham • Dennis Wilson
A History as Art Exhibit

August 4 – January 27, 2019


How are science fact and science fiction related? How has the bird-dinosaur connection influenced the artistic narrative of paleontology? Explore the symbiotic nature of art and sci-fi through the paintings and sculptures of two Colorado artists whose basic principle is that good art, informed by science, can create a dialogue between scientists and museum audiences.

Gary Raham has worked as an artist and illustrator for over 40 years. With a background in biology education, Raham has written and illustrated 19 books, worked with schools on curriculum planning, and has written numerous magazine articles. Raham’s work is defined by the unification of science and art through the study of paleontology.

Dennis Wilson is one of the foremost paleontological reconstruction artists in the world. With 28 years of experience, Wilson is the owner of Pangaea Designs, a design and exhibit fabrication company in Denver, Colorado.