April 4 – June 28 2020 – TO BE RE-SCHEDULED


Loveland artist Eric Franklin explores links between the viscous medium of glass and the remarkable ability of the human body to adapt and change to both internal environments and external forces.

Glass is an amazing membrane that can be inflated, stretched and compressed. Much like the human body, glass has incredible strength and durability, and in other situations, extreme fragility and vulnerability. It can be broken and repaired. Imagery of skulls and skeletons come from a visceral and optimistic place. They are about being a living, breathing, thinking figure. These pieces describe and define the dynamics and interconnection of everything that makes us human: from our bones to our psyche. They symbolize a cognitive process that occurs within our entire body, drawing upon every connection and system within us to help navigate the landscape and our relationships with others. Light is manifest in my work as evidence of using electricity as a medium. -Eric Franklin