Daniel Augenstein: Educating Vision / Challenging Technique

June 27 – September 13, 2020


Daniel Augenstein’s art displays his journey of creative growth. The artist’s vision guides each brush stroke and pen mark from conception to the final, framed work. The deeper and more complete the vision, the richer the result; the more informed, the closer to an intended goal. Through design experiments, research of others’ ideas, and searching for multiple right answers, Augenstein produces a wide variety of images showing his vision. The technical skill needed for drawing and painting must be practiced with a desire to improve. Taking risks with varied media and techniques can enable the artist to achieve visual results unexpected from the art, staying within the comfort zone of prior works. Augenstein says, “As an artist and teacher for many years, I am still amazed by the act of creation. I am still learning.”


**The Foote Gallery/Auditorium is a reservable space and the gallery may be closed for private events from time to time. Please call the Museum front desk (970) 962-2410 to verify exhibit availability prior to arrival.