Quarantine Curtain, Andrew Svedlow

December 11, 2020 – March 20, 2021

Foote Gallery

Featured artists: Amelia Furman, Brandon Gellis, Barbara Gilhooly, Ayn Hanna, John Lake, J.C. Milner, Rani Robison, Armando Silva, and Andrew Svedlow

This exhibition includes artwork inspired by one or more of the physical, ethical, social, temporal, and political dimensions of quarantine. At its most basic, quarantine is a strategy of separation and containment—the creation of a hygienic boundary between two or more things, for the purpose of protecting one from exposure to the other. It is a response to suspicion, threat, and uncertainty. Its boundaries can be set up for as long as needed, creating spatial separation between clean and dirty, safe and dangerous, healthy and sick, foreign and native, and the many iterations of those relationships. This exhibition considers this more expansive definition, one that reflects an ongoing global struggle.

In Part II of this exhibition, the invited artists in this exhibition have a past connection to or have exhibited their work at Loveland Museum. Each one has, in turn, invited another artist to participate, one who is new to Loveland Museum, thus creating a nod to our past and literally striving towards the future.


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