heather-tree-tallAn Installation by Heather Fortin Rubald

February 18 – April 30, 2017

Green Room Gallery
Exhibit Celebration: Friday, March 10
Lecture by the artist: 6 pm
Public Reception 7 – 9 pm

When something gets discarded, where does it go? Not “away,” but in a landfill for years to come, with untold impact upon the environment. Loveland artist Heather Fortin Rubald adapts a process to re-use plastic bags as beautiful and functional works of art. In this exhibit, Heather uses this process to create a forest-like, immersive environment, taking visitors on a journey through a lovely tree-lined space. This delightful experience challenges people to consider the nature of our disposable world, to find value in the re-imagining of cast-off material, and to reflect on the kind of future we want for our children and our planet.



Spring Gift Boxes Workshop

With Heather Fortin Rubald
Thursday, March 23, 5 – 7 pm
$50 ($40 for Museum Members)
Advance Registration Required

Pchinese-boxes-greyost-consumer plastic bags are the choice media for artist Heather Fortin Rubald. Over the years, Heather has discovered that these bags are an iconic piece of everyday living and differ greatly in regards to logos, colors, and functionality. Heather keeps plastic bags out of landfills by creating stunning hand-crafted handbags and other products with function and fashion. In this workshop, she will show students how to design and fuse fabric from post-consumer plastic bags and then shape it into mini origami “take-out” style boxes that are just right for small treats or special gifts.



With Heather Fortin Rubald
Friday, March 10, 6 pm

Heather Fortin Rubaldheather-and-tree has always enjoyed working with her hands and making something out of nothing- or what most people would consider nothing. For a variety of reasons, post-consumer plastic bags have eclipsed all other art media for her. The need to create and experiment, save money by not purchasing pricey art supplies, and her mother’s words all contributed to her desire to take something wasteful and turn it into something beautiful and functional. In this talk, Heather will talk about her process of experimentation and the calling she feels to work with the media of plastic bags. She estimates that in the last five years, she has single-handedly kept 50,000 bags out of the landfill. Her Museum installation used another 6,000-10,000 bags.