Quest for Power
A History as Art Exhibition

April 12 – August 18, 2019


Opening Reception:
Friday, April 12, 6 – 8 pm

Free Admission
In a continuing series that links historic themes with artistic interpretation, Amelia Furman, using her hallmark technique of layered images obscured through the veil of memory, presents a series of new work that addresses the theme of power, as both a logistical struggle and a theoretical concept.

Since the first fire was sparked, humankind has been on a continuing quest to harness nature as a resource for personal and communal use. As time has progressed, our ingenuity and creativity in harnessing power has grown, both positively and negatively. By looking at the history and tools used to capture these natural resources, my hope is that viewers will take pause to consider the implications of our power struggle and what this quest for power points to on a deeper, internal level. Could our desire to conquer nature be indicative or reflective of our inner struggle to gain control of everything we touch?  – Amelia Furman

Exhibit Programming

Artist Gallery Talk
Friday, April 12, 5:30 pm

The Power of Creativity
Saturday, April 13, 9 am – 12 pm
Multi-generation art workshop

The Struggle is Real: Power Struggles Between Parents and Children
Thursday, May 16, 5:30 pm

Finding Power in Financial Freedom
Thursday, June 6, 5:30 pm

Moving Power Forward Hydropower in Colorado
Thursday, July 25, 6 pm