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Are you smarter than an art history major?

By Erika Lehman, Marketing Coordinator~

As the marketing coordinator for the Loveland Museum (and Rialto Theater Center), I’m often labeled as a “business person.” I can see why. I’m a self-proclaimed spreadsheet jockey with an extroverted personality and a love for clever marketing campaigns. In a way, that’s a very accurate assumption, as I earned an MBA (with a concentration in marketing) from the University of New Hampshire and admit to being a “Marketing Guru” on my twitter profile. What many people don’t know, however, is that I spent my undergraduate years memorizing brushstrokes, analyzing light sources, and explaining to my friends that flying buttresses are architectural elements…not the rear-ends of barely-clothed baby angels.

Cherubs from Raphael’s Sistine Madonna (not flying buttresses)

I was (and am proud to be!) an art history major. So, what better way to put these skills to use than to make a 15-question quiz to allow others to test their knowledge on the subject?!

Are you smarter than an art history major?