Loveland Museum:
Expansion Update 9/16/2019

Planning for the Museum expansion has pushed and pulled us in several directions. We looked to the west, we looked to the north, we looked to the south, but finally came full circle, back to the west. Fortunately, back to where we originally wanted to be—in the former Reporter-Herald building, which will create a span on 5th Street from Lincoln to Cleveland—making the Museum visible to drivers from the north and south.

Planning for the future expansion continues, but in the meantime we’re very excited to be able to offer classes that can accommodate more than 6 adults or 8 children, the maximum capacity of our current very small classroom. The larger space will, we hope, mostly eliminate the wait-lists we now have.

We are also very excited to be able to utilize a printing press that has been in storage, waiting for more space. Local artists and budding artists alike will have access to the Takash etching press. It is especially fitting that it should be in a building that was previously the local newspaper distribution hub.

The larger space provides greater opportunities for both history and art classes in a wide variety of subjects, styles and media. Jenni Dobson, Curator of Education, has engaged local artists and historians in offering 80 classes in the coming months.


Loveland Museum:
Destination Downtown

Nothing compares to seeing something with your own eyes—an original work of art or an authentic historical object. The new Museum will open opportunities to engage with art and history.

A generation has passed since the Museum’s last expansion in 1992. Open Houses were held early in 2017 to provide an opportunity for comments, wants, and wishes from the community. These ideas were included, as well as plans developed by staff and the Cultural Services Board. We are grateful for the thoughtful participation.

The Museum expansion will bring a larger, up-to-date museum experience and a community gathering space where visitors can appreciate local history and enjoy the affirming influence of art.

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