Abbie R. Powers
Abbie R. Powers

Abbie R. Powers: Wellspring

A History as Art Exhibit

May 27 –  September 17, 2017

Mezzanine Gallery

Exhibit Celebration / Meet the Artists: Friday, June 9, 6 – 8 pm
Gallery talk with Ronda Stone and Abbie R. Powers: Thursday, June 22, 6 pm
Performance by Abbie R. Powers: Thursday, July 13, 6 pm

Loveland artists Abbie R. Powers and Ronda Stone construct an exhibition that celebrates, questions, and explores the myriad ways water reflects and defines us. Linking the historic topic of water use and misuse, so crucial to the development of Colorado, to its tactile nature and aesthetic potential, these artists underscore the intrinsic unifying nature of water as a source for the universal articulation of human intricacy.

Ronda Stone is an award winning artist with over 35 years of experience photographing the human figure. Abbie R. Powers is an installation, performance, and video artist working primarily in silk, the female figure, movement, and video projection.

Silk captures, holds and then lets go. Silk shares. Silk references and then melts away. Silk is all things and nothing at the same time. Silk allows me to share ocean without the use of water. Silk lets us get lost in the clouds while our feet are firmly on the ground.
~ Abbie R Powers